Bobber Lands $1.1M for Social Banking

Seattle-based Bobber Interactive, which makes a “gamified” software platform to help banks attract young people to money management, has raised about $1.1 million in Series A financing. That’s a bit more than half of the offering Bobber has in the market, according to an SEC filing today. Bobber says the round was led by PEAK6 Investments, with participation ffrom Dove Capital Partners. Bobber is led by co-founders Eric Eastman, Scott Dodson, and John Bito. As Xconomy’s Greg Huang wrote last year, the idea is to make money management fun and social for kids—hopefully landing them as customers for life, or at least a long time. The company sees its potential market as some 30 million young consumers who play games on Facebook, representing an estimated $200 billion in discretionary income each year. Bobber plans to start testing its product on Facebook in the months ahead, and also is working with partner Plastyc to roll out an associated payment card.

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