Dealometry, a Men’s Daily Bargain Site with TechStars Roots, Unveils its First Deal

TechStars mentor Bob Crimmins is rolling out a new startup with heavy accelerator roots: Dealometry, a daily-deals site for men. Dealometry’s technology comes from Deal Co-op, a TechStars Seattle grad that says its main motivation in relocating from Birmingham, AL to Seattle was the mentoring opportunity. Dealometry’s first offer is a discount at ManPacks, an online supplier of personal essentials (like socks and underwear) that graduated from Rhode Island-based accelerator BetaSpring. It’ll be interesting to see how the focus on men’s products works—I’ve seen some other deal-mongers targeting that market, but then again, there are just a lot of deal-mongers.

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3 responses to “Dealometry, a Men’s Daily Bargain Site with TechStars Roots, Unveils its First Deal”

  1. Anon says:

    “I’ve seen some other deal-mongers targeting that market”

    Is there a reason you’re not telling your readers who they are?

  2. Just for brevity’s sake. But since you asked there’s, and has a daily-deal thing specifically for gay guys — they actually call it the “Big Gay Deal of the Day.”

  3. Thanks for the shout out, Curt. Dealometry is really a case of “if you bitch about it long enough, someone is going to challenge you to fix it.” The Deal Co-op guys did just that and Dealometry was born. There are indeed a mess of mongers in the market and I don’t blame you for not enumerating them. :) Our belief is that there is room for lots of models, both competitive and complementary. Interestingly, however, there is not a nationally recognized brand associated with mens deals….

    I had a lot of help in getting Dealometry launched and I actually think that the most interesting aspect of the launch is the back story on how Dealometry came to be. We wrote about it in a Big, Fat, Complicated Press Release here: Sufficed to say, I’m humbled by the opportunity I’ve had to be a part of TechStars and the Seattle tech startup community.