The Top 3 Technology Surprises of 2010, and Six Predictions for 2011


Top Surprises of 2010:

· Magnitude of iPad success

· Isilon’s acquisition by EMC as well as the resurgence of the storage sector overall

· Rapid growth of Android smart phones

2011 Predictions:

· Continued growth of web services and people will stop referring to things as “private”, “public” and “hybrid” cloud and focus more on cloud applications that solve specific problems for customers.

· Microsoft will buy HTC.

· Big influx of Android tablet devices.

· Twitter, Groupon and Facebook will all IPO.

· Unemployment will remain over 8 percent, short and long term interest rates will jump more than 50 percent, but the NASDAQ will also jump 20 percent.

· Bloomberg will announce his candidacy for President as an Independent.

[Editor’s Note: This post was co-authored by Greg Gottesman, Matt McIlwain, and David Rosenthal of Madrona Venture Group. It is part of a series of posts from Xconomists and other technology and life sciences leaders from around the U.S. who are weighing in with the top surprises they’ve seen in their respective fields in the past year, or the major things to watch for in 2011.]

Tom Alberg is co-founder and managing director of Madrona Venture Group in Seattle. Follow @MadronaVentures

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One response to “The Top 3 Technology Surprises of 2010, and Six Predictions for 2011”

  1. Mike Handy says:

    I dont see an unforced IPO until 4th quarter at the earliest. Facebook has already delayed their IPO significantly, I dont see them particularly rushing to the market. Twitter is in the restructuring process and rotates CEO’s seemingly yearly… Twitter needs to add revenue streams…
    I hope Microsuck doesn’t buy HTC but I fear you may be correct on that one.