Editor’s Picks: The Best of 2010 From Xconomy Seattle

This is the time of year for counting blessings, so I have to say we consider ourselves fortunate as journalists to have what is sometimes called the front row seat to history.

That’s how I feel when I look back at the year’s mix of features, breaking news stories, scoops, and up-close profiles. We feel privileged to get to know the people in our community creating things like powerful new smartphones, software, cancer drugs, and the $1,000 genome. Even better, we get to share these stories with our readers on a daily basis.

So, in what’s becoming an annual tradition around here, we have pulled together our favorite 10 technology and top 10 life sciences stories from the past calendar year. We will certainly make sure to keep up with the fast-twitch nature of news on the Web in 2011, but at the same time, we also promise to deliver these kind of in-depth features. The whiteboard in my office, which I scribbled on when we opened this bureau in June 2008, still has a line that says “News You Can’t Find Anywhere Else.” You can count us to deliver more stories like that in the year to come.

Top 10 Tech Stories

Geoff Entress, the Go-To Startup Investor, Weaves Himself Deeper Into Seattle Tech Community

GlobalScholar’s Kal Raman, Fresh off $160M Deal, Seeks to Build an Oracle for K-12 Schools

Beaming Power to UAVs, Space Elevators, and Someday Earth: The LaserMotive Story

UW Building $20M Fund to Back University Startups, Following the Utah Model

Amazon’s Cloud Computing Service Sees Opportunity in Genomic Data Overload

How Seattle Startups Could Lead the World: Five Technology Themes to Watch

Andy Sack, Flush With $6M, Builds Revenue Based Financing Company that Could Disrupt Venture Capital Startup Ecosystem

How to Predict Whether a Startup Will Succeed or Fail: Testing the Disruptive Innovation Model

Google, Amazon Play Catch Up in Group Buying: Analysis and Reactions from BuyWithMe, Tippr

Cowboys Like Us: Investor Nick Hanauer on How to Think About Breakthroughs in Business and Society

The Top 10 Life Sciences Stories

Alder Rises from Ashes of Layoffs, Overcomes Skeptics to Become Seattle Biotech Force

Dendreon Makes History: FDA Approves First Immune Booster to Fight Cancer

Seattle Genetics, Millennium Report Groundbreaking Results of Drug for Hodgkin’s

How Emerald Biostructures Was Saved from the Decode Genetics Bankruptcy by Boston VCs

Leroy Hood’s Personalized Medicine Vision Enters Proving Ground at Ohio State

How Michael French, a Military Brat Turned Dealmaker, Kept Marina Biotech Alive

ZymoGenetics CEO Doug Williams Exits the Stage, Mulls Next Free Agent Move

Lee Hartwell, at 70, Tackles Personalized Medicine, Education in Latest Career Phase

Seattle Children’s CEO, Between Meetings, Invents Cheap Ventilator to Save Babies Worldwide

Larry Corey, Virus Hunter With Midwest Roots, Seeks to Unleash Health Innovation at Hutch

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