Get Your Expenses in Now! Concur Declares Today the Biggest Moment for Expense Filing

We all know about Black Friday, and Cyber Monday and the implications they have for business worldwide. But apparently now we have File-Your-Gosh-Darn-Expenses-Already Tuesday.

That’s what we learned today from Redmond, WA-based Concur Technologies (NASDAQ: CNQR). The company, which makes software that helps companies manage business expenses, said December 21 is the busiest day of the year for employees to turn in expense claims. More than double the average daily volume of expense claims (a 132 percent surge) are expected to be filed today, putting accountants everywhere under the gun to close their books out before they go home for the holidays. The findings were based on trends from thousands of businesses that use Concur’s software, the company said.

Some of this surge in expense filing comes from last-minute holiday parties that can’t be avoided. But—and you know who you are—there’s evidence that a lot of procrastinators are turning in moldy old receipts from October and November as they take advantage of the holiday slowdown to catch up on office housekeeping. Concur also surmised that a number of employees out there are looking to boost their paychecks a bit at the last minute before Christmas, to give them a little extra oomph for buying presents.

My Christmas presents are already bought, so I personally missed out on that clever little move. My only hope is that Xconomy’s business manager—Richard Freierman, God bless him—will extend some good holiday cheer and suppress any bright ideas he might get from reading this post, nudging us all to turn our expenses in. Where are all my receipts, anyway? Umm, umm….

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