The Northwest Cleantech Cluster: The A-to-Z List of Energy Efficiency Players

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industrial facilities. The company raised $3.8 million from ARC Financial of Calgary in August 2008.

Northwest Energy Efficiency Council (Seattle, WA)

The NEEC is a trade association of the energy efficiency industry.

Optimum Energy (Seattle, WA)

This cleantech company makes software that helps large commercial buildings manage heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for increased energy efficiency. The company, founded in 2005, brought in $4.5 million in financing in June 2006, followed by an additional $1.2 million earlier this month. The company says its product reduces energy consumption by an average of 50 percent, in additional to reducing operating costs.

Oregon State University Energy Efficiency Center (Corvallis, OR)

The OSU EEC, is home to the school’s Industrial Assessment Center, which offers rural energy audits, customized assessments, as well as mentored energy efficiency training, related research, data accumulation, and analysis.

Power Smart (Vancouver, BC)

Under the umbrella of British Columbia’s third largest electric utility, BC Hydro, the Power Smart project challenges customers to commit to reducing their electricity use by 10 percent, offering exclusive offers and rewards to those who take part in the program.

Powerit Solutions (Seattle, WA)

This company develops hardware and software that plugs directly into the grid, and allows industrial facilities to visualize data and control energy consumption. In May 2009 the company received $6 million in financing, and quickly developed an expansion plan.

PowerMand (Portland, OR)

This company provides customers with a technological platform to monitor and control energy use for utilities, energy providers, and renewable energy companies. Its DreamWatts product enables customers to reduce peak demand electricity usage in homes and small businesses.

PowerTech Labs (Surrey, BC)

This subsidiary of BC Hydro offers clean energy consulting, testing, and power services for the electric, oil and gas, automotive, and electric equipment industries. [Updated: This company was added on 10/27/10].

Propel Biofuels (Sacramento, CA and Seattle, WA)

This company, originally based in Seattle and now headquartered in Sacramento, sells biodiesel and E85 fuel, and uses IT to help customers keep track of their carbon footprints and how much they are reducing them.

Pulse Energy (Vancouver, BC)

This company develops Web-based software that analyzes, and communicates real-time energy consumption data for building operators, enabling improved energy operating efficiency and savings of up to 25 percent. [Updated: This company was added on 10/27/10].

Rainforest Automation (Vancouver, BC)

This company makes hardware and software products that plug into the grid and allow utilities companies and homeowners to monitor energy consumption in real-time, and better manage residential energy use. [Updated: This company was added on 10/27/10].

Serveron (Hillsboro, OR)

This company, now part of BPL Global (and formerly called Micromonitors), makes smart-grid products and services that monitor changes in performance of generators, transmitters, and distribution equipment.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (Pullman, WA)

This company designs and makes products and offers support services for monitoring and controlling electric power systems, including through automation and metering.

Smartcool (Vancouver, BC)

This cleantech company develops and sells hardware that, when installed into air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration compressors, reduces electricity consumption by 10 to 15 percent.

Tantalus (Burnaby, BC)

This company develops smart grid communications technology that enables utilities companies and energy service providers to automatically monitor, control, and manage operational energy efficiency intelligently and cost-effectively. [Updated: This company was added on 10/27/10].

UCONS (Kirkland, WA)

This company develops energy and water conservation plans for big utilities, energy service providers, and residential customers.

Verdiem (Seattle, WA)

This company develops software that monitors, measures, and manages IT energy use of PC networks for businesses, reducing energy consumption, while increasing profitability and sustainability. In August 2009 the company’s system had been deployed on over one million desktops.

Vu1 (Seattle, WA)

This company develops energy-efficient light bulbs that, unlike fluorescent bulbs, do not contain mercury, and thus won’t contaminate landfills when thrown out. In July 2010 the company was awarded its first U.S. patent for its unique Electron Stimulated Luminescence (ESL) technology.

Xantrex (Burnaby, BC)

This company, a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, develops electronics that convert raw electric power from central, distributed, renewable, or backup power sources into more efficiecy “high-quality power required by electronic equipment and the electricity grid.”

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  1. Thea ChardThea Chard says:

    Thanks to Jane Shaw, trade commissioner of the Consulate General of Canada’s Cleantech, Environment, Energy department, for the following BC additions: Tantalus, Powertech Labs, Pulse Energy, Rainforest Automation, Fuseforward, and Energy Aware.