The Northwest Cleantech Cluster: The A-to-Z List of Energy Efficiency Players

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energy efficiency services, tax incentives, and retrofitters. The site’s self-serve tool for homeowners looking for pre-diagnosis information on their homes is powered by one of our Seattle-area energy efficiency companies, EnergySavvy. (Olympia, WA)

This website is an online database of information on energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings, and for building owners, operators, occupants, and energy program providers. It is a public service of the Washington State University Energy Program.

EnergySavvy (Seattle, WA)

This online startup provides a free Web-based energy audit tool that allows both consumers and government and nonprofit organizations, using a white-label version of the product, to analyze the energy efficiency needs of a building, and gain access to a wealth of information and resources on efficiency contractors, retrofitters, and consultants.

FirstPoint Energy (Beaverton, OR)

This company helps utilities collect and manage data on energy usage, water and natural gas consumption, and cost saving resources for customers.

Flow Control Industries (Woodinville, WA)

This company is a specialty manufacturer of high-performance, energy efficient, pressure independent control valves that increase the overall efficiency of mechanical systems.

Fuseforward (Vancouver, BC)

This company develops technologies that allow utilities companies, property and maintenance management companies, energy service providers, transportation companies, and government agencies the ability to manage energy operations, performance and efficiency. [Updated: This company was added on 10/27/10].

Greenwood Resources (Portland, OR)

This company grows fast-growing, high-yield, hybrid poplar trees, and manages sustainable tree farms that require less fertilizer and energy than traditional row crops.

Itron (Liberty Lake, WA)

Itron (NASDAQ: ITRI) is a global smart-grid company that develops intelligent metering, data collection, and utility software that manages energy usage and data for electricity, gas, water, and heating systems.

JX Chrystals (Issaquah, WA)

This Boeing spinoff develops more efficient photovoltaic cells that generate heat and electricity day and night, all year long, combining solar power with more efficient energy use.

Legend Power (Burnaby, BC)

This company uses a patented device to help utilities and facilities conserve electrical energy through voltage optimization, reducing electricity costs as well as emissions.

Light-Based Technologies (Vancouver, BC)

This company has technology that improves the efficiency of solid-state lighting, from light-emitting diodes to controls for the quality of light, brightness, color, and temperature that use much less energy.

LivinGreen Materials (Seattle, WA)

This solar cell company develops dye-sensitized crystals (DSC) that are both more efficient and more cost-effective that previous solar technologies.

MagnaDrive (Bellevue, WA)

This company develops disconnected torque-transfer technology that enhances energy efficiency, and eliminates wear and tear of vehicle motors, drive pumps, fans, blowers, and other processing and manufacturing equipment.

Micro Power Electronics (Beaverton, OR)

This company develops more than 1,000 different battery systems and chargers that are designed to help medical and military products have longer run time on a charge, with reduced charging time, and decreased size and weight.

Microplanet (Seattle, WA)

This company develops energy conservation technology that allows residential and business customers to manage incoming power voltage, reducing energy consumption by an average of five to 12 percent.

MountainLogic (Seattle, WA and Portland, OR)

This company develops energy efficiency automated home controls that integrate lights, thermostats, and occupancy sensors into every room of a home. The sensors, designed to anticipate each individual’s energy and comfort needs year-round, cuts home energy use by over 40 percent on average.

Nexterra Energy (Vancouver, BC)

This company develops gasification systems to generate heat and power from waste fuels at … Next Page »

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  1. Thea ChardThea Chard says:

    Thanks to Jane Shaw, trade commissioner of the Consulate General of Canada’s Cleantech, Environment, Energy department, for the following BC additions: Tantalus, Powertech Labs, Pulse Energy, Rainforest Automation, Fuseforward, and Energy Aware.