Six Finalists Vie For $100K From the Zino Society

Zino Society, the Seattle-based investor and entrepreneur network, just wrapped up one of its biggest annual events—the Zino Zillionaire Investment Forum. Now it’s time to follow up on who made the initial cut in the competition for its two $50,000 investment prizes.

At the end of the event, Zino named the six finalists among the group of 20 entrepreneurs who presented at the big forum. The original cast of presenters represented early-stage and later-stage growth companies in a variety of industries such as technology, life sciences, and consumer products. Here’s a little more description of the companies, and entrepreneurs leading them, who are still left in the hunt for the $50k prizes, which will be announced in the coming weeks.

Banshee Bungee, Kevin Veon (consumer product)

San Diego-based Banshee Bungee designs and distributes a patented bungee for snowboarders, skateboarders, and surfers that adds instant speed to help users overcome sport obstacles.

Enroute Systems, Keith McCall (technology)

This Bellevue, WA-based parcel-shipping management software company was one of two finalists that went on to win $60,000 in Zino funds last year. The funding from Zino kick-started what amounted to an $810,000 Series A round for the growing company in back in November.

FiatLux Imaging, Max Lyon (Health IT)

Redmond, WA-based FiatLux Imaging has developed visualization software that takes data-rich medical images (from CT or MRI scans, for example), and allows physicians to store, analyze, and share them with patients. Luke did an in-depth story on this three-year-old startup (that has brought in some $4.5 million from angel investors to date), back in March.

Finalists Kevin Veon, Adam Stein, Keith McCall, Ken Childress, Max Lyon, Craig Rominger (from left to right).

Zino investment finalists Kevin Veon, Adam Stein, Keith McCall, Ken Childress, Max Lyon, and Craig Rominger (from left to right). Photo by Team Photogenic.

Harbor Wing Technologies, Ken Childress (cleantech)

This Seattle-based startup was new to our radar. Harbor Wing Technologies, founded in 2003, is developing Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vessels (AUSVs) for defense, government, commercial, environmental, and international markets. Because these AUSVs, which are multi-hull, high-performance platforms outfitted with airfoil sail and hydrofoils, are wind-powered and unmanned, they are able to remain on open-water indefinitely. The company has inked a handful of Navy contracts, and was awarded first place in the 2009 Security Summit’s “most innovative product” category.

IMOS, Adam Stein (technology)

IMOS, which stands for Integrated Mortgage Origination Systems, provides services online mortgage origination and transaction management for lenders. The system incorporates lead generation, rapid response loan origination systems, search engine optimization web design, sales management reports, branch sales, and operational consulting, into a single Web-based interface.

NanoICE, Craig Rominger (technology)

This Mill Creek, WA-based company is the self-proclaimed inventor of molecular ice technology, the use of molecular ice fractions smaller than one micron in diameter to chill and preserve food products. The system creates molecular ice crystals used to maintain preservation temperature for poultry and seafood, for example, while protecting against oxidation, bacteria, and decay, and using very, very little actual ice. The young company, founded in 2010, won two Zino Zenith Awards at the Zino Green 2010 Investment Forum in March.

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