Gaming Away Labor Day: The Top 10 Sessions at PAX 2010

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to either of these questions this is the panel for you!” Enough said.

—Online Gaming Communities and “Real Life” Relationships (Saturday, 3:30 pm)

With the blurring of the lines between traditional gaming and social gaming, online gaming communities are playing a larger role in the gaming world. Join gaming community managers as they discuss how friendships formed in gaming communities impact “real life” relationships for gamers.

—How to Podcast Like a Pirate, Presented by Rebel FM and The Geekbox (Saturday, 6:00 pm)

“After nearly two years of jury-rigged and profitless Interwebs ‘broadcasting,’ Rebel FM and The Geekbox are widely regarded as two of the most beloved gaming podcasts this side of whatever’s beating them on iTunes this week.” Join this motley crew of “podcasting pseudo-somebodies” as they discuss how they got into the independent gaming-podcast scene, what’s good and bad about “going rogue,” and where they see the podcasting trend going.

—In(die)credible! The Best New Games You Haven’t Played (Sunday, 12:00 pm)

Get an inside look into the indie games community, and which upcoming games are truly innovative, fun, and a breath of fresh air—like “Don’t Shit Your Pants!” Here what this panel has to say about recent releases they can’t put down, upcoming projects they can’t wait to play, and more—from “elegant experiences to mind-bending mechanics to hilarious premises.”

—1UP’s Retronauts: Holy Crap, the NES is 25 Years Old (Sunday, 1:30 pm)

This fall Nintendo’s NES console will be 25 years old, marking a major milestone for the aging gaming community. Join this panel as they reminisce about the NES, lead the audience on a guided tour of “classic 8-bit gaming, alleged monopolism, and your own looming sense of mortality,” and talk about their own bunions and back pains.

—Egregiously Unrealized Potential (Sunday, 4:30 pm)

If you’ve ever played a new game and immediately thought of what missing factor would have made that game actually good, or in some cases, 100 times better, then this is the panel for you. Discuss why certain games do and don’t get made, and why.

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