Seattle and Ford Prepare City for Electric Cars

The City of Seattle and Dearborn, MI-based Ford Motor Company have teamed up to prepare the city for the operation of electric vehicles, the automaker said today. The partnership will include the joint development of consumer outreach and education programs on electric cars, as well as collaboration on information regarding charging requirements of electric vehicles to ensure the grid is prepared to support the added demand. The two organizations will also work with state and local governments on issues of permitting, future regulations and legislation, and raising support for electric vehicle tax incentives. The collaboration is part of Ford’s 14-city “Charging into the Future Tour,” which kicked off in Portland, OR earlier this week.

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5 responses to “Seattle and Ford Prepare City for Electric Cars”

  1. Rosie Awl says:

    This is really awesome news. I just drove about 500 miles in California and just about every rest stop had a charging station. The downside? You have to hang around and wait in a place like Taco Bell

  2. great news. thanks for sharing your blog. keep posting wonderful blogs like this.

  3. Sam says:

    Smart move!

    Electric Car is the future!

    Those who act first will be on the top in several years

    No matter what hurdles or failures happen all of us will drive purely Electric Cars or hybrids in 30 years or so

  4. Freen says:

    When the electric car technology becomes more profitable than gasoline vehicles, new autos would replace old in a matter of five years or so.