Korrio Raises $3.3M, Enters Youth Sports Automation Sector

Mercer Island, WA-based Korrio (formerly known as iPlaySportz) has raised $3.3 million in equity, according to a regulatory filing. The company is run by Steve Goldman, formerly the CEO of Isilon Systems and a senior executive at F5 Networks, and Brad Hefta-Gaub, of Sweat365.com, Revenue Science, and Real Networks, according to a preliminary version of the company’s website. Goldman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Korrio’s official website is currently under development. However, based on the information on this page, the company says it is using web technology to organize and automate youth sports information and registration. Its target market: an estimated 45 million kids (and their families and coaches) who participate in organized youth sports every year nationwide. Through Korrio’s software platform, called Playflow, families, fans, players, and coaches will be able to check sports schedules, post pictures, send messages, check weather reports,  arrange carpools, get driving directions, register players, and utilize team web hosting, all in one place from any computer or smartphone mobile device.

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3 responses to “Korrio Raises $3.3M, Enters Youth Sports Automation Sector”

  1. Mike says:

    So far, this software is terrible and the program is slow, cumbersome, and very confusing. They fixed something that was not broken, and another Mercer Island group of golf buddies makes another bag on money on the back of youth sports. Gee thanks.