Paul Allen To Donate Most of Fortune

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen said today that he intends to donate the majority of his estimated $13.5 billion fortune to philanthropy. In a statement commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, Allen said he had long planned this move, which will ensure that his “philanthropic efforts will continue after my lifetime.” The 57-year-old philanthropist, who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma last fall, said he plans to continue with his foundation’s work and the funding of  nonprofit scientific research. In honor of the foundation’s anniversary, Allen also announced a total of $100,000 in special grants that will be awarded to the founders of five notable local nonprofits, amounting to $20,000 each. Over the past 20 years the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation has provided more than 3,000 grants totaling over $400 million. Read more about this announcement at The Seattle Times.

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