A Place for Mom Sells Majority Stake to Warburg Pincus

Seattle-based online elder care referral service, A Place for Mom, has sold a majority ownership stake to international private equity firm Warburg Pincus, according to a company asset track record kept by investment banking advisory firm GCA Savvian. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. A spokesperson for A Place for Mom didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

A Place for Mom was founded in 2000 with the aim of providing the most comprehensive database of elder care options for seniors nationwide. The free referral service helps connect seniors and their families to retirement communities, nursing homes, assisted living programs, home care, and specialized Alzheimer’s care services.  Interested parties fill out an online form with their contact information and location, and A Place for Mom has an advisor contact them and walk them through the next steps. The company receives over 25,000 inquiries each month, and employs over 300 “eldercare advisors,” with a total of 350 employees nationwide, according to its website.

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12 responses to “A Place for Mom Sells Majority Stake to Warburg Pincus”

  1. I choked on me coffee reading this – either A Place for Mom, or someone masquerading as them, is a spam machine.

  2. I am not sure what peter is getting at, but “A place for mom” is a nationwide placement agency that helps people find a better place for parents or loved ones find homes that are suitable for Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients that need assisted living. they have placed several Long term care patients with us…

  3. Peter Lucash says:

    This company – or someone using their name – generates spam. I was deleting emails from them every day until it was being caught in my junk pile.

    EJ Barnes may not know what I’m talking about – but the recipients of this company’s spam certainly do know what I’m talking about.

  4. The company does have a very negative reputation in the industry and settled a Class Action lawsuit brought against them by employees to the tune of $1.7 million. They suffer from a bad reputation because their 100% commission only senior Advisors cycle through like a revolving door and don’t have nice things to say about how the company does business. Apparently a federal court agrees.

  5. Renata Walker says:

    The days of senior care websites that are just looking to sell a senior’s name and address may continue to decline as quality sites, such as Caregiverlist, come along. Caregiverlist.com actually provides the daily price of nursing homes and has quality standards for their senior home care agencies: http://www.caregiverlist.com

    A Place for Mom doesn’t even hire Advisors with senior care experience and doesn’t even tour the facilities with the senior – they are a call center looking to get paid for selling names to companies.

  6. julia patterson says:

    No one from the company, even so called senior care advisors ever visit/inspect the faciliteis they are touting. ALso if you want to find a facility in a certain area, even though a few may exisit, the APFM advsor is told by the co. to lie and say there are none and push the closest contracted place they have a deal with. I think the facility pays about $2500 everytime someone moves in so the advisor makes nothing by telling the truth.

    • RebelXS says:

      Wrong,not only do all the advisors visit 2 facilities PER MONTH in their area, the company also audits the facilities TWICE per year for health and safety violations among other things. You have no clue

  7. Joey says:

    A Place For a Mom was a great elder care service for me. It is interesting that they have sold so much of their equity. I wonder how that will affect them in the long run.

  8. Jayden Eden says:

    I was wondering what home care is like at http://tlchhcidaho.com/in-home-care Has anyone ever seen it before?

  9. Sampson Greenovich says:

    I wonder how quickly that company expanded? I know of a few start up companies in the united states but each one started small, even failed a few times before they made it big and even that process took a very long time. I love the American way, the dream to own land, support oneself, and raise a family. This is the American dream, what men will do if they are free.


  10. bill says:

    I wonder what kind of changes will happen to this company. A Place for Mom sounds like they had a really good idea. I wonder why they decided to sell their majority stake.

    Bill | http://www.schenleygardensseniorliving.com/levels-of-care/memory-care/