Xconomy Seattle’s Top 20 Stories of the Quarter: The Quest for the Land Speed Record, Dendreon Makes History, & Geoff Entress Up Close

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A veteran newspaper reporter once said that if you wrote a story six months ago, it was fine to follow up again, because nobody would remember you wrote that other piece. Now that news moves at electron speed on the Web, we figure people can barely remember what we wrote just a couple weeks ago.

So, as another quarter has been put on the books, it’s worth taking another look at some of the most memorable stories we’ve done in the past three months. Maybe you missed them the first time around, or maybe we can gain some additional perspective on them with the benefit of hindsight.

Regardless, here’s a sampling of 20 of our Editor’s Picks from the past three months. The selections represent most everything we cover: the people and companies of the Northwest technology and life sciences communities. Some of these stories were quirky one-off features, and others represent a long-running narrative that will keep us interested for years to come. So enjoy the stories, enjoy the long holiday weekend, and we’ll be back on the beat on Tuesday.

Greg’s (and Thea’s) Top 10 technology stories of the second quarter:

Toward a New Land Speed Record: A Day in the Life of the North American Eagle Turbojet Car

Beaming Power to UAVs, Space Elevators, and Someday Earth: The Lasermotive Story

Twitter Buys Seattle’s Cloudhopper to Expand SMS Service Globally: The Story Behind the Deal

How to Predict Whether a Startup Will Succeed or Fail: Testing the Disruptive Innovation Model

Bobber Interactive Looks to Make Financial Services More Social and “Gamified” For Teens

Geoff Entress, the Go-To Startup Investor, Weaves Himself Deeper Into Seattle Tech Community With Founder’s Co-op

Venture Mechanics, Led by Ron Wiener, Opens “Berkubator” for Tech Startups, Introduces Three New Companies

Andy Sack, Flush With $6M, Builds Revenue Based Financing Company That Could Disrupt Venture Capital, Startup Ecosystem

Novel, Backed by Vancouver VCs, Uses Gaming Tech to Make Business Simulations for Companies

How Seattle Startups Could Lead the World: Five Technology Themes to Watch

Luke’s Top 10 life sciences stories of the second quarter:

Dendreon Makes History: FDA Approves First Active Immune-Booster to Fight Cancer

Alder Seeks to Treat Cancer in a Radical Way, Fighting Inflammation, Not Tumors

Seattle Genetics, Growing Up in a Hurry With Millennium, Aims to Make Most of Cancer Drug

Leroy Hood’s Personalized Medicine Vision Enters Proving Ground at Ohio State

SonoSite’s New Frontier: High-Res Ultrasound to See a Mouse Heartbeat, the Inside of Your Blood Vessels, & More

How Emerald BioStructures Escaped deCode’s Bankruptcy With Help From Boston VCs

ZymoGenetics Melanoma Drug Passes Small Study, Gets Overshadowed by Bristol-Myers

Theraclone Sciences CEO David Fanning Dies Suddenly

Qliance Nails $6M from Bezos, Dell, Drew Carey For Primary Care That Avoids Insurance

Presage Biosciences, a Spinoff from the Fred Hutch, Adds CEO, Angel Bucks, Big Pharma Customers