The $300M Deal Nobody’s Talking About, and More Seattle Funding Highlights

Ever heard of Liberty Dialysis? It’s a healthcare company, headquartered in Mercer Island, WA, that runs more than 100 dialysis clinics around the country, and has more than 1,750 employees. Last month, we reported the company raised money from KRG Capital Partners, Bain Capital Ventures, and local investors Ignition Partners (or Ignition Capital, the growth-stage fund, to be more precise).

Liberty didn’t say how much money. So…any guesses? Try $315 million. I confirmed that number this week with one of the investors. That sounds like a private-equity buyout rather than expansion capital to me. Liberty was co-founded in 2002 by CEO Mark Caputo. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here. But let’s just say it’s not every day a $315 million deal goes down in Seattle without much fuss.

That number has seriously skewed our April company-financing stats, which come courtesy of our partner CB Insights, a New York-based private company intelligence platform. Not counting the Liberty deal, Washington companies raised just over $28 million in equity deals and $7.5 million in debt financing last month (see tables below).

That’s about on par with the $21 million raised in March, but there were more funding deals in April (7 as compared to just 3 in March). But only Bonanzle, the e-commerce startup, qualified as a seed-stage or Series A round.

Here are the funding deals from April, separated by equity and debt:

SeattleVentureInvestingApril Washington state company debt financings in April 2010 (courtesy of CB Insights)

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