Deploy 2010 by Seattle 2.0

Info and registration here.

Deploy is a one-day event designed to empower you with the technology know-how to make your startup a success. Come hear leading startup technologists talk about the techniques and cutting-edge tools they’ve used to successfully build their products and their businesses.

Who should come to Deploy 2010?

* CTOs & VPs of Engineering from startups and medium-size companies
* Software Developers & Architects from startups to large companies
* Development Managers & Technical Leads
* CEOs, VPs of Products, and VPs of Marketing & Sales of startups who want to be “in-the-know” when they have the next conversation with their engineers
* Project and Program Managers at large tech companies

Deploy speakers will teach you:

* Key steps to get your product ready to launch
* Creating a development shop for your startup
* Building a lean startup
* Social media api and location based services
* Cloud computing
* Building for mobile
* SEO for startups
* Design for non-designers
* Pair programming
* Engineering best practices
* Using continuous integration to stay production ready
* And more!

Speakers include Bob Walsh, Vanessa Fox, Poornima Vijayashanker, Brady Forrest, and Scott Porad.