Verdiem, Cisco Team Up to Help Companies Lower Their Energy Bill for Networked Devices

Seattle-based Verdiem is announcing today a new partnership with San Jose, CA-based Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO). Under the terms of the agreement, Cisco will market and sell Verdiem’s energy management software for PCs and networked devices under Cisco’s “EnergyWise Orchestrator” brand, through its worldwide distribution network. Financial details weren’t given, but it’s an original equipment manufacturing deal, so Verdiem’s software will be built into Cisco’s products—which could make it a very promising sales strategy for Verdiem.

Verdiem makes software to help big companies, government agencies, and universities control and manage energy usage by PCs on their network. The software includes features like automatically turning off computers when they’re not in use, and turning them back on when they need to install software updates. It also includes sophisticated dashboards for monitoring energy use. The partnership with Cisco extends Verdiem’s reach to other networked devices such as Cisco IP phones, wireless access points, and edge switches.

“Extending the capabilities of Verdiem’s enterprise platform for PC power management, Cisco and Verdiem are delivering to market the first energy management solution for PCs and networked devices,” said Jeremy Jaech, Verdiem’s CEO, in a statement. Jaech added that the agreement will give businesses and organizations “a trusted, holistic solution to measure, manage and monitor both their energy consumption and carbon footprint.”

Verdiem was founded in 2001 and is venture backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and NCD Investors, among others. Jaech, the co-founder of Aldus, Visio, and Trumba, joined the company in late 2008. Last summer, Verdiem said more than 300 corporations, government agencies, and universities had used its software, and had slashed their PC energy costs by 30 to 60 percent.

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