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rehearsal the night before. Not the best of thoughts, but then I remembered a message from a coach I work with: “Find your peak moment and speak from it.”

As for my DEMO presentation, I led with a provocative message (outlined above) and used an example—my cat Punky’s blog—and my mood and tone changed for the better. Walt Mossberg of Wall Street Journal fame tweeted outrage about a pet cat at DEMO. Oh well, love me or hate me, just don’t ignore me. Audience chuckles and relaxes.

My presentation is pretty clear in my mind, but the rest of DEMO is a blur of pavilion activity and the hype and drama that is DEMO. So many people stop by our station, and thankfully I have help from my co-founder Frank Paterra and Minou Nguyen of Illuminate Public Relations.

My DEMO experience ended Tuesday evening with a shared taxi ride to the airport. The ride included a CEO of a content producer who, upon learning who I was, handed me his card, and we discussed getting his content into our marketplace. It also included Dean Takahashi, a reporter with VentureBeat. We discussed Walt’s and others’ Tweets about my example of Punky, and my thoughts found their way into his final, round-up DEMO piece. (Photo above is courtesy of VentureBeat and DEMO).

Wow, what a few days. What a few weeks. We did it! We actually pulled it off. Now all we have to do is follow up and maintain that momentum.

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Bruce D'Ambrosio is the founder and CEO of Seattle-based DigitalScirocco, a marketplace for Web content and services. Previously he founded CleverSet (acquired by Art Technology Group). Follow @

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