The Icos Alumni: Where Are They Now?

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Diane Rosman, biotechnology professional

Guy Rosman, technical scientist with Rylem, owner of Ramps To You

Fuqiang Ruan, principal scientist, discovery chemistry, Ikaria

Alex Rudolph, associate scientist, Gilead Sciences

Jennifer Running Deer, senior associate scientist, Novo Nordisk

Anthony Russell, director of medical affairs, ZymoGenetics

Chanchal Sadhu, senior principal investor, Covance Laboratories

Stephen Schmidt, biochemical pharmacology, Genentech

Lisa Schultze, head of quality, Saltigo Redmond

James Schwartz, director of business operations and sales effectiveness, ZymoGenetics

Randy Schweikart, senior manager, Amgen

Vicki Schweickart, principal at Datakine Consulting

Roxanne Scott, drug safety consultant [Added 12/30/09]

Nilesh Shah, principal scientist, Seattle Genetics

Regan Shea, senior director of chemical development, Gilead Sciences

Kim Shigenaka, senior associate scientist, Amgen

Randall Sittner, logistics manager at Seattle Genetics, owner Kim’s Cafe

Elaine Skeffington, executive assistant, Institute for Systems Biology

Karen Solvason, clinical data management, Seattle Genetics

Jari Sowell, senior data manager, Genentech [Updated, 12/30/09, formerly with Amgen]

Diane St. John, director of human resources, Seattle Genetics

Tom St. John, former executive vice president, Fate Therapeutics

Frank Stappenbeck, scientist, Fate Therapeutics

Don Staunton, president and chief scientific officer, CisThera

Michael Stein, member of the board of directors, Nautilus

Bart Steiner, staff scientist, Calistoga Pharmaceuticals

Michael Stewart, president, Northwest Pharma Consulting

Johnny Stine, founder and president, North Coast Biologics

Cliff Stocks, chief business officer, Calistoga Pharmaceuticals

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5 responses to “The Icos Alumni: Where Are They Now?”

  1. I actually loved our logo – very simple, but it just looked like fun.
    When George R. was recently asked by a reporter from an Everett newspaper about building Icos into a company like Amgen….he replied “…..why would I stop there?”. With a leader like that, like George, one who inspires with energetic goals such as that mentioned – we could’ve done it. We had the tools and the ability to do just that. We had great people who’ve all proven themselves in places before and afterward…….but imagine what we could’ve done behind the hopes of a great leader like George who set that tone….a CEO who knew all of our names, someone who would talk to you like you were a valued asset, a guy that empowered us via ownership. Imagine what we could’ve done…..because that’s all we’re left to do.

    By the way- Luke – I prefer Icosanoids – a play on the word eicosanoid since we were primarily an inflammation company. :-)

  2. Johnny—Unfortunately, I never really got to know George very well because he had already left Icos by the time I started covering the company in 2001. But I made a point of meeting him at his home once a couple years ago when I was based in San Francisco. He wasn’t in great health, but he was still sharp and very much curious about the latest happenings in biotech.

    I haven’t heard the term Icosanoids from eicosanoid, but that made me laugh this morning. It sounds like something from Star Trek. Anybody know if this was also the inspiration for the term “Immunoids” for people who used to work at Immunex?

  3. Nice work, Luke. Goes to prove that even though we might lose companies through acquisition we’d really rather keep, it’s not like everything connected with the company disappears. By my eye, the “loss” of Icos created at least a half-dozen new companies and significantly strengthened a dozen or more startups. A nice silver lining.

  4. Abby Kliphardt says:

    Nice article…good to see where my co-workers have ended. I loved my time at ICOS and will always lament the loss of a great company that was a real family….