The Icos Alumni: Where Are They Now?

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Ardelle Dennis, executive assistant, CMC Icos

Mike Dennis, pharmaceuticals professional

Frank Diaz, assistant professor, University of North Alabama

Ken Dick, senior field technical specialist, LI-COR Biosciences

Greg Dietsch, vice president of research, VentiRx Pharmaceuticals

Tressa Dodd, senior director of regulatory affairs, VentiRx Pharmaceuticals

Jason Douangpanya, senior associate scientist, Amgen

Heather Douangpanya, senior associate scientist, Amgen

Tom Dudler, senior group leader, Omeros

Christian Eckhoff, senior scientist at SNBL USA

Ana Edwards, senior quality control analyst, Seattle Genetics

Kevin Egan, vice president of business development, CMC Icos

Fred Elliott, chemist, Bio-Rad Laboratories

Leslie Elliott, clinical research consultant

Nancy Enselman, office manager, VentiRx Pharmaceuticals

Angela Epp, research technologist III, Puget Sound Blood Center

James Esselstyn, production supervisor, Bio-Rad Laboratories

Jerry Evarts, principal scientist, chemistry, Calistoga Pharmaceuticals

Russell Eyre, director of safety assessment, SNBL USA

Gay Fanning, marketing assistant

Brian Farnes, safety coordinator, Nintendo

Rebekah Farnsworth, senior manager of technology transfer, Alder Biopharmaceuticals

Francine Farouz, senior director of medicinal chemistry, Fate Therapeutics

Valerie Fauvelle, associate manager of regulatory affairs, Gilead Sciences

Dave Federighi, senior analytical chemist, WIL Research Laboratories

Ken Ferguson, president and CEO, Imvaxyn

Gail Ferrari, executive assistant, business development, PopCap Games

Lacy Fitzpatrick, senior investor relations analyst, Nordstrom

Tim Fitzpatrick, site manager, Saltigo Redmond

Vince Florio, director of science, Omeros

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5 responses to “The Icos Alumni: Where Are They Now?”

  1. I actually loved our logo – very simple, but it just looked like fun.
    When George R. was recently asked by a reporter from an Everett newspaper about building Icos into a company like Amgen….he replied “…..why would I stop there?”. With a leader like that, like George, one who inspires with energetic goals such as that mentioned – we could’ve done it. We had the tools and the ability to do just that. We had great people who’ve all proven themselves in places before and afterward…….but imagine what we could’ve done behind the hopes of a great leader like George who set that tone….a CEO who knew all of our names, someone who would talk to you like you were a valued asset, a guy that empowered us via ownership. Imagine what we could’ve done…..because that’s all we’re left to do.

    By the way- Luke – I prefer Icosanoids – a play on the word eicosanoid since we were primarily an inflammation company. :-)

  2. Johnny—Unfortunately, I never really got to know George very well because he had already left Icos by the time I started covering the company in 2001. But I made a point of meeting him at his home once a couple years ago when I was based in San Francisco. He wasn’t in great health, but he was still sharp and very much curious about the latest happenings in biotech.

    I haven’t heard the term Icosanoids from eicosanoid, but that made me laugh this morning. It sounds like something from Star Trek. Anybody know if this was also the inspiration for the term “Immunoids” for people who used to work at Immunex?

  3. Nice work, Luke. Goes to prove that even though we might lose companies through acquisition we’d really rather keep, it’s not like everything connected with the company disappears. By my eye, the “loss” of Icos created at least a half-dozen new companies and significantly strengthened a dozen or more startups. A nice silver lining.

  4. Abby Kliphardt says:

    Nice article…good to see where my co-workers have ended. I loved my time at ICOS and will always lament the loss of a great company that was a real family….