TechStars Event in Seattle to Draw Top VCs and Angel Investors

TechStars, the startup incubation and seed investment fund based in Boulder, CO, and Boston (as of this year), is holding its annual reunion event in Seattle on November 4. (See a couple of local VC blogs here and here.)

As part of the event, a number of TechStars companies that are raising money will make pitches to investors. There will also be a panel discussion on angel and venture investment trends, featuring Brad Feld of TechStars and Foundry Group; Andy Sack from Founder’s Co-op; Steve Hall from Vulcan Capital; David Cohen from TechStars; Greg Gottesman from Madrona Venture Group; and Chris Sheehan from CommonAngels. (Full disclosure: Chris is a member of Xconomy’s board of directors.)

Last February, when Brad Feld spoke to a crowd of tech entrepreneurs and investors in Seattle, there was some hopeful speculation in the crowd about whether TechStars might set up operations in the Northwest in the future. Nothing new on that front, but this reunion event in two weeks can’t hurt for down the road.

It sounds like the event is invitation-only, and meant for local angel investors and VCs. We’re looking forward to a stellar gathering, and will see what comes of it.

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