WTIA Merges With TechAmerica, Gets More Electronics and Device Companies On Board

The Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) announced today it is joining forces with TechAmerica, the advocacy organization, to become a unified tech entity in Washington state.

The move broadens WTIA’s membership to include more companies in hardware, electronics, and devices, which complements the trade association’s strengths in software, digital media, and telecom, says Ken Myer, WTIA’s president and chief executive. WTIA is now TechAmerica’s exclusive management and marketing partner in the state.

Under the terms of the partnership, WTIA will support TechAmerica members and programs locally and market joint membership in TechAmerica and WTIA to tech companies across the state. WTIA will also deliver TechAmerica’s business programs and policy (together with WTIA’s usual offerings). In turn, TechAmerica is transferring its Washington state council programs and staff to the WTIA. Current TechAmerica members based in Washington state (about 100) will automatically become members of WTIA.

There have been various name changes involved in these longstanding organizations. TechAmerica was previously called the American Electronics Association, which was founded in 1956. As the organization enrolled more software companies, it became the AeA, while WTIA was previously named Washington Software Association and was founded in 1984.

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