Bing Is Fastest Growing Search Engine

Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing, is growing faster than its rivals, including Google, according to Nielsen Online. The report says Bing’s share of the Web search market was 10.7 percent in August, up from 9.0 percent in July, representing a 22 percent increase in its total number of searches. Google’s market share increased slightly to 64.6 percent, while Yahoo’s dropped to 16.0 percent. Bing was launched at the beginning of June, and has received generally positive reviews. Earlier this week, Bing rolled out a “visual search” feature, which lets you browse results by pictures instead of text.

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One response to “Bing Is Fastest Growing Search Engine”

  1. inam says:

    Microsoft never believes on competition, they don’t want to work and they don’t let anybody in the market who works, but people don’t understand it, what is new from microsoft in the past ten years, yes a lot where it came from, stole ideas from others