Startup Weekend [email protected]

54 hours of frenzy as Seattle-area entrepreneurs form teams to produce demos and startup ideas in a single weekend.

Speakers include Mike Crill, Andy Sack, and Scott Guthrie.

From the BizSpark/Startup Weekend site:

“Get your TWEET on! This event is shaping up to be quite impressive! Bizspark is pulling all the stops on the level of support they are willing to offer to the community. Julien Codorniou with Bizspark has arranged for a mind numbing level of support for teams that are developing on the Microsoft platform. Startup Weekend is open source, we are the face of the community, and we like this approach! Give the teams that develop on your platform all the support and resources you can! It is really cool to see a large corporation open their doors to small entrepreneurs in an effort to support their endeavors. We’ll be working hard on establishing more relationships like this in the future and hopefully other companies will follow Bizspark’s lead and open their doors to entrepreneurs that are working on their platform with little to no support. Bizspark, if you’re listening this is cool!”