The Qpass Mafia: Digital Commerce Execs Wield Influence at Firms from Amazon to Zipwhip

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Thomas Enochs (VP of services at Qpass)
Senior vice president of Globys

Damian Evans (VP of product development, Qpass)
VP of engineering at Ontela

Ron Faith (VP and general manager, Qpass)
CEO of Datacastle

Chase Franklin (co-founder and CEO of Qpass)
On the board of directors of Ontela

Eric Harber (VP of corporate and business development at Qpass)
President and COO at HipCricket

Tom Huseby (chairman of Qpass)
Investor with Voyager Capital, SeaPoint Ventures, Oak Investment Partners, Hunt Ventures

Melanie Keisor (senior director of HR at Qpass)
Senior HR role at Amazon

John Lauer (CEO of Simplewire, bought by Qpass)
CEO of Zipwhip

Jon Matsuo (SVP of sales at Qpass)
CEO of DropStation

Mark McNeely (co-founder of Qpass)
CEO of Intelevision

Roger Parks (VP of products at Qpass)
Co-founder and vice president at Doxo

Steve Shivers (SVP of corporate strategy, Qpass)
CEO of Doxo

Steven Smith (VP of business development, Qpass)
VP of customer operations at Appature

Sterling Wilson (Qpass president)
CEO of Ground Truth

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