Delve Dives into Do-it-Yourself Online Video Management

Every new technology brings new options and opportunities for people to learn, explore, and of course, sell to each other. Internet video has proven no exception. Companies today can whip up professional ads, demos, and explanatory videos and expose them to the whole world for just a few hundred dollars, compared to the thousands and millions it costs for a television ad. Seattle-based Delve Networks is one of many businesses that help companies publish videos online, certain that video is the key to Internet marketing. To get ahead of the competition, Delve today announced a new self-service option to its website, allowing companies to upload, manage, and publish their videos in just a few minutes.

Businesses that want videos on their site—and there are more of them all the time—can not only upload the videos, but analyze them for their impact and use them for advertising. Another key aspect of the program is that users are able to search in videos for specific items, facilitating sales. Convenience being so important for businesses, Delve hopes to draw customers to the program with a low monthly fee (about $250).

Ideas like self-service are important in a field where even Yahoo-owned video host Maven Networks is shutting down its video publishing service. Cisco recently reported that it expects 91 percent of Internet consumer traffic will be through video by 2013. Delve is even trying to pick up Maven’s former customers, offering lower fees for Maven customers who switch to Delve.

To further promote its new service, Delve is offering a 30-day free trial of its program, hoping to hook customers who like what they find. Given the popularity of immediate online communication like Twitter, same-day video publishing will probably appeal to businesses—especially those looking for more than 180 characters to advertise their product.

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