Let’s Rock: Five Finalists Selected for Xconomy’s Battle of the Tech Bands

And then there were five. Here at Xconomy, we have made our selections for the five finalists who will compete at our inaugural Battle of the Tech Bands in Seattle, to be held on the evening of Thursday, July 30 at the WTIA Summer Celebration at the Pyramid Alehouse. We are looking forward to putting on a spectacular show. (Registration info is here.)

It’s been a long road. We put out the call for bands more than two months ago. We got a couple dozen competitive entrants (thanks to all the bands who applied). We listened to demos, sorted through band bios and websites, consulted our esteemed judges, and listened some more. After a few days of intensive discussions, we arrived at our top picks.

Five finalists, and five words: They are going to rock.

Their mix of musical styles, personalities, and companies represented (each band has at least one member from a Northwest technology firm) is pretty awesome. Most of all, each of them has a legitimate chance to win. In music, as in business, it all comes down to execution, right?

Two awards will be given at the event on July 30. One will be for Audience Favorite, based on voting by all of you, the attendees. The other will be for Most Innovative Band, which will be decided by a select panel of judges, together with Xconomy and WTIA staff.

So here they are—the five bands—along with the tech companies their members represent, my personal impressions of them, and why each has a real shot at winning. Please check out their stuff, come out and support the local tech-music scene, and cast your vote on July 30. We’ll see you there.

Drumroll, please…

Afraid of Figs
(MorphoTrak, Robert Half Technology)
Light, infectious pop rock reminiscent of Barenaked Ladies and Cake.
Why they could win: With a song called “I Ate a Vegan,” anything is possible.

Between These Lines
Contemporary alt-rock quintet with a polished, radio-ready sound.
Why they could win: With expertly crafted songs and strong stage presence, they might be hard to top.

Indigo Soul
(Microsoft, Adobe)
The melodic intersection of classic rock, 80s pop, soulful lyrics, and rocking rhythms.
Why they could win: Their music might be just perfect for a warm, mid-summer evening celebration.

Juda’s Wake
Killer metal chops. Need we say more?
Why they could win: This band would have a chance to win any contest they entered—and I mean any.

Lions Ambition
Energetic hip-hop, rock, and soul with monstrous hooks and catchy lyrics.
Why they could win: The whole city might be dancing after one song.

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