Seattle Lunch 2.0

Seattle Lunch 2.0 is having their second anniversary lunch at Office Nomads.  According to the website: “Continuing the two year long Seattle Lunch 2.0 conversation, we are going to have a less technical topic with the same great entrepreneurs, developers, and tech community. Given we are hosting at a co-working space, we are going to talk about co-working!!

What is it, who does it, what’s it really like, why co-working over a coffee shop, can you code in a co-working space? Who else is there? Etc, etc, etc.

There are a few great options for co-working around Seattle & Redmond. We hope you can come enjoy Seattle Lunch 2.0’s 2nd Anniversary Lunch event at Office Nomads and it hopefully won’t be the last peek inside a co-working space in the area….”