Gates, Allen Beat Deadline for Battle of the Tech Bands—Did You?

Alas, the deadline has come and gone. Finis. At the stroke of midnight on Friday night, the doors officially closed on any new band submissions for Xconomy’s Battle of the Tech Bands. The big event is happening on July 30, at the WTIA Annual Summer Celebration at the Pyramid Alehouse in Seattle.

You can beg, you can plead, but even if you are Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix resurrected to form a startup that’s reinventing the Web or curing cancer, we still won’t accept your submission… OK, well, maybe we would in that case.

Now it’s off to the judges for deliberations. Good luck to all of the entrants. We’ve got a great mix of bands from small startups and big companies, and a nice range of musical styles, and we’re looking forward to making some tough decisions. We’ll keep you posted on our progress in whittling the list down to the five finalists who will perform on July 30.

Meantime, in cartoon land, Bill Gates and Paul Allen have been on the ball. Having both been laid off from their temp jobs, they’ve had the time to record a killer demo for the Battle. Yes, it’s the newest installment of the “Protingent Man” comic, courtesy of David J. Locher and Donn Harvey (see the previous installment here and the full strip here):


Protingent Man #34


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