Antenna Acquires Dexterra

Dexterra, a Bothell, WA-based developer of mobile software, has been acquired by Antenna, a rival company based in Jersey City, NJ, according to an announcement by Antenna today.  Financial terms weren’t announced, but TechFlash has reported that Dexterra was ultimately purchased for $18 million.  As part of the acquisiton, Antenna said it would be keeping the majority of Dexterra’s employees, and will keep offices in Bothell, WA, Toronto and Reading, U.K., according to a statement on Antenna’s website.  Dexterra was founded in 2002.

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2 responses to “Antenna Acquires Dexterra”

  1. Knows Mobile says:

    Dexterra received $106mil in VC funding and is rumored to have sold for $18mil. Antenna has received over $60mil in VC funding, some through VCs shared with Dexterra. This smells like a consolidation of funding and an attempt to create some buzz and keep the lights on at these companies a bit longer. VCs don’t feed companies forever – Dexterra is simply the latest of a long list of underperforming mobile companies to have their funding spigot closed. Ask yourself how Antenna REALLY benefits from acquiring a company that over $100mil couldn’t help? I wouldn’t be surprised if Antenna’s backers don’t try to up the hype meter tremendously with some ‘merger of market leaders creates unbeatable force in mobile market’ language, then try to offload the whole thing before the numbers have a chance to prove otherwise.

  2. EverythingMobile says:

    How about technology? customers? Maybe that’s what Antenna benefits from. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that just because Dexterra blew through funding, doesn’t mean they didn’t have good technology. Have you seen their customer list? Everyday mis-management runs companies into the ground. The fall of Dexterra has everything to do with mis-management, never present management, high operating expenses. Oh…and building a channel they just didn’t have the stamina or funds to support. The folks that built their technology have quite the pedigrees.

    BTW…Antenna could not win another customer for the next year and still be years away from turning out their lights.