PayScale and Bing Give Each Other a Raise

Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine, is partnering with PayScale, a Seattle-based salary comparison company, to help Bing users find answers about job salaries. Bing debuted last week, and has continued to add new features and capabilities as it attempts to compete with Google and become what Microsoft calls a “decision engine.”

Under the terms of the partnership, salary queries about the 4,000 most popular jobs will be available immediately to people searching on Bing. Those who want more specific information will then be directed to PayScale. Staying on the Bing site, users will be able to access both national and metropolitan figures about salary.

PayScale, which has more than 17.5 million compensation profiles, is the biggest salary database on the Web. Founded in 2002, the company offers a free anonymous comparison of salaries to people who fill out a profile, and a more detailed comparison report for about $20. It also offers software for employers looking to figure out the best compensation and benefits plan for their company.

With more job-hunters using the Internet than ever before, the benefits in increased recognition and popularity for both PayScale and Bing could be enormous, especially if more people turn to Bing, and through it, PayScale, for all of their job-seeking concerns. Those who buy the premium package from PayScale get not just information but analysis and career-planning recommendations.

Working with PayScale may turn out to help Bing in its struggle to compete with Google, as well as in its effort to attract users and advertisers in a recession.

Eric Hal Schwartz was an intern in Xconomy's Seattle office. Follow @

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