Bing! Google’s Death Knell?

Microsoft today announced the launch of its new search engine, Bing.  Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive, will be making the official announcement this morning at the D: All Things Digital conference in Carlsbad, CA.  Bing has been the topic of many rumors and speculations in the months leading to its unveiling—mostly people wondering whether it can provide competition for Google, now the colloquial verb for searching online.

According to Microsoft, Bing can do more and outperform current search engines.  While its performance is still untested, the press release lists many features familiar to Google users, including a homepage, maps (using Microsoft’s Virtual Earth ), and news feeds.  It also plans on integrating shopping, travel, and health information into the site.

The images of Bing provided by Microsoft so far look like an attempt to integrate Microsoft’s operating system, Windows, with the Internet.  A sensible plan, especially with Windows 7, the next OS, being another topic of conversation at the conference. Bing officially opens today, but the site won’t be complete until June 3.

Whether or not Bing can kill or even compete meaningfully with Google remains to be seen.  Microsoft’s ultimate victory will only come if people ever start saying they’ll “Bing” a topic to learn more about it.

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6 responses to “Bing! Google’s Death Knell?”

  1. One of the great feature of bing is auto compete feature, which is similar to Google, though being a blogger I would like to see some quality result from
    Bing rather then people who game SEO and come at the the top of Google Search result. Lets hope for something new and useful this time from Microsoft

  2. Bing a Google killer? Microsoft has never understood search all that well. I doubt they will get it right this time. Even if they did, they will have a hard time getting past thier current reputation for having third-rate search technology.

  3. Mark Foster says:

    My personal opinion is just simple… I like better Google results… Same search on Bing was way off of what I was looking for… That thing needs tons of improvements…

  4. Mark harry says:

    I like simple. I used google, now I use an alternative to google called
    easy clean and fast. You should visit to try it

  5. engineer says:

    i think google is the best . . .

  6. darian says:

    yes google are okey