Dendreon Execs Sell Shares

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Dendreon CEO Mitchell Gold and other executives sold big stakes in the company a day after reporting positive results of their immune-stimulating drug for prostate cancer, according to this Dow Jones report. Gold sold 600,000 shares of the company at $24.92 apiece on April 29, generating gross proceeds of $15 million, according to this filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. That represents about 41 percent of Gold’s stake in the company as of April 15. Chairman Richard Brewer; Greg Schiffman, the chief financial officer; Mark Frohlich, the chief medical officer; and others also sold stakes in Dendreon (NASDAQ: DNDN), according to the SEC.

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One response to “Dendreon Execs Sell Shares”

  1. Itsme says:

    It looks like he got out just a couple of months before the crash. This guy must be lucky beyond belief, because we know that he couldn’t have known then that a crash was coming. Could he have known? Nah.