Zymo Drug Kills Hep C Virus

ZymoGenetics (NASDAQ: ZGEN), a Seattle biotech company, and partner Bristol-Myers Squibb said today that a drug they are co-developing for hepatitis C was able to kill the virus with minimal side effects in a small four-week study. The trial looked at pegylated interferon lambda on its own, or in combination with a standard ribavirin treatment. The full data was presented at the European Association for the Study of the Liver meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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10 responses to “Zymo Drug Kills Hep C Virus”

  1. deborah anderson says:

    help me

  2. I do hope this treatment works and it’s on the market soon. The side effects
    of current treatment of pegintron nearly killed my wife.

  3. Please help me. I could not complete the standard treatment because of the nasty side effects. It almost killed me. I will volunteer to be a test subject for this promising new drug. Please help.

    Ray Patterson
    [email protected]

  4. Ray—you can find more information about an ongoing clinical trial of the ZymoGenetics drug at this link below.


  5. carmelo rolon says:

    Well I’m currently on Peginterferon alfa-2a which is used in combination with another drug called Copegus(Ribavirin).The side-effect wasn’t so bad,like I was told they would be. But anyways, I was reading about this drug thats being co-developed called Zymo. I believe that this is wonderful and I hope they hurry up with it so I can get rid of this terrible virus thats living inside of me. But if not I have my hopes high that the interferon that I’m on will cure me. It’s a whole year treatment, but I have patience. I’m so bless to know that theres really good treatment out there for me. Now it’s time to get something for cancer!

  6. I. Biberstein says:

    Dr. Timmerman: It’s great to know that there is a hope for killing this stubbern virus with less side effect. We are in Canada and my husband is stage 2. His doctor suggest he go for the treatment sooner than later. Is it possible for Canadian to participate in this study? How can he participate in the Clinical study

  7. I. Biberstein—thanks for the salutation, but I’m not a medical doctor, and not qualified to give medical advice. I do see a current Phase 2 trial of pegylated interferon lambda that’s recruiting 55 patients, at sites in Texas and Puerto Rico (link below). I’ll check with the company to see if there are other sites open that might be more close to you in Canada. You’ll have to ask your doctor if your husband might be a candidate for this trial.


  8. shahbaz ahmed says:

    i am patient of anti hcv for the last ten years living in saudi arabia
    please tell me what to do.i am taking only liv 52 DS
    shahbaz ahme

  9. Lori says:

    I was recently diagnoised with Hep C- Geno-type 1 in August. Please tell me if there is a clinical trial in California I could get on for this cure. I am determined to fight this disease.