April Think Tank: New Entrepreneur Opportunities in Cloud Computing

The Northwest Entrepreneur Network (NWEN) is putting on a cloud computing think tank event. Info and registration here.

Cloud computing has come of age and this change represents new opportunities for entrepreneurs to enable companies to not just leverage cloud resources for scale but to move all of their computing requirements to the cloud. This change will require new approaches, services, and products to help companies move quickly and take advantage of the changes this paradigm shift represents.

Our panelists are business innovators in cloud computing and each have a different approach to building and profiting from new products and services to helping companies take advantage of cloud computing. They will discuss what the market represents, how to approach and profit from it, and how to get started in this exciting new space.

—Ashutosh Tiwary, founder and CEO of Doyenz
—Praerit Garg, president and co-founder of Symform
—Prashant Ketkar, director of product and field marketing, Windows Azure
—Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio