Toward a more human experience: The next generation of user-computer interfaces

Drag a finger across the screen to turn the page. Turn your phone on its side for a new perspective. Put your whole body into a living room tennis match.

The examples of User Interfaces above are all things you can relate to and have probably experienced with devices such as the Amazon Kindle, iPhone and Wii Game system…but what is next? These devices represent the very beginning of a revolution in Human-Computer Interaction.

What will replace the iPhone? What will replace the Wii? It used to be that interacting with a computer required people to learn a new “language.” From command prompts to mouse clicks, we adapted to the way computers worked. Now computers are learning to interact with us the way we normally interact with the world: through simple and intuitive gestures and natural movements.

As part of its Technology in Focus series, WTIA has organized a technology showcase and a panel of experts (more information and registration here):

Cliff Kushler – Swype, creator of T-9 and Swype
Bert Keely – Microsoft, PM Architect driving Windows Pen & Touch Technologies
Jeff Pobst – Hidden Path, Founder and CEO (Wii & video camera motion game interfaces)
James Landay – Associate Professor, University of Washington (DUB Human-Computer Interaction & Design)
Bill Bryant – Envision Ventures, Principal (moderator)