Microsoft’s World View of Cloud Computing

The WTIA is pleased to bring to the Puget Sound a comprehensive look at Cloud Computing. Through this multi-part series, attendees will learn both fundamental and advanced concepts of cloud computing as seen through the eyes of industry leaders.

Cloud computing is the buzz of the industry. Whether as a way to lower computing costs, test an application, or provide a more scalable solution, cloud computing offers a whole range of new opportunities for software developers and IT professionals. Anyone running a Web service business or managing an IT enterprise system should understand the opportunities and challenges of this new computing model.

As part of WTIA’s cloud computing series, Microsoft is hosting an event on April 30 (info and registration here) in which Doug Hauger, General Manager of Cloud Infrastructure Services at Microsoft, will talk about Microsoft’s vision on cloud computing with Windows Azure. Ian Knox, Director of Product Management at Seattle-based Skytap, will also talk about leveraging the cloud for existing Windows applications.