The Smart Grid: Powerful ideas for keeping us cool, connected, and competitive

Washington State University and the Washington Clean Technology Alliance are hosting a lunch event and panel discussion on the smart grid.

We expect electricity at the flip of a switch. But the electric power grid—marvel of the early 1900s—limped into the twenty-first century overworked, underdeveloped, and headed for a meltdown. What is a “smart grid,” and how will it affect our national competitiveness, our state’s economic viability, and your utility rates? Why is a smart grid central to President Obama’s stimulus plan? Join national and statewide experts—leading figures in current strategy discussions—as they answer your questions about this vitally important energy infrastructure.

The panel includes Anjan Bose (WSU), Mark Sidran (Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission), Randy Berry (Areva T&D), and moderator Jeffery Dagle (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory).

Information and registration can be found here and here.