Amazon Rolls Out Game Trade-In Service

Amazon announced today a new service whereby customers can trade in used video games for store credit on any eligible items—not just games. The move is seen as a challenge to retailers with existing trade-in programs like GameStop, Electronics Boutique, and Toys “R” Us. Last month, Amazon officially entered the downloadable casual games market, launching its own online store.

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4 responses to “Amazon Rolls Out Game Trade-In Service”

  1. To date there hasn’t been anyone the size of Amazon to offer this type of service to consumers – I believe Amazon will iterate their offering (as well as other successful buyback sites) to add more benefits and successfully differentiate from Gamestop’s in-store trading. Gamestop has recently said that online trading will fail. This is like Blockbuster saying that Netflix will fail because why would people want to receive new movies in the mail rather than go to their local Blockbuster store – we now know how that story line has played out.

    Though buyback sites have been around since 1996/97 (with the debut of this category of ecommerce (consumer to business) has been a sleeping giant. No one with any significant resources to date has offered consumers the type of service that really compels consumers to trade online in the numbers consumers do with online ecommerce or rental of movies through Netflix type services. With Amazon’s entry this sleeping giant of an online commerce segment will wake up and challenge brick and mortar stores (who trade) like ecommerce did with brick and mortar for the last 10+ years. Game on!

    Disclosure – provides a buyback software platform as a service for online retailers.

  2. Bob says:

    Pretty sure Funcoland was doing the buyback/second sale thing before 1996. I was buying games from them for my original Gameboy and SNES. So no, all that’s new is you can use the credits from your old games to buy your new baby some clothes or get a sweet new cutlery instead of buying more and more expensive games with smaller and smaller credits.