The Oregon Cleantech Cluster: The A-to-Z List of Alternative Energy Players

(Updated) Yesterday, we provided a rundown of about 80 companies we identified in Washington as players in the alternative energy industry. Today, it’s Oregon’s turn.

For those who missed the first installment, here’s the idea: We thought it would be useful for people across the Northwest (and elsewhere) to have a detailed list of who’s who in cleantech across Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia. Given that President Obama and the U.S. Congress were elected on a pledge to break the country’s addiction to oil, lots of entrepreneurial ambition is being channeled into a new generation of clean energy ideas.

We sought to define the list broadly, including innovative developers of biofuels, solar power, wind, energy storage, as well as smart-grid applications for conservation. We left out other environmentally-themed businesses like green builders, architects, consultants, makers of biodegradable plastics, or people who install or sell things like solar panels.

We count 36 companies, big projects, or organizations involved in alternative energy in a significant way in Oregon—with particular strengths in solar and wind energy. Some of these may boom, but most will likely bust. This isn’t a comprehensive list, so if you know of any companies we’ve overlooked, or you know of companies that have come or gone, please shoot us a note at [email protected] Enjoy!

American Clean Coal Fuels (Portland, OR). This company uses gasification to turn biomass, municipal garbage, coal, or other carbon-based feedstocks into syngas that can be made into alternative fuels. It has a project near Oakland, IL, designed to convert 4.3 million tons a year of coal and biomass into 400 million gallons a year of synthetic diesel fuel and jet fuel.

Brammo (Ashland, OR). This company, founded in 2002, makes plug-in electric motorcycles.

Clean Edge (Portland, OR). This consulting firm has been analyzing the cleantech industry since 2000.

ClearEdge Power (Hillsboro, OR). This company makes and markets what it calls CE5 home fuel cell heating systems that reduce carbon dioxide emissions for homes and small businesses.

EcoSpeed (Portland, OR). This company makes and sells electric-assist devices for bicycles. As part of its marketing pitch to get people out of their cars, EcoSpeed’s devices offer a range of up to100 miles, with cruising speeds of 20 to 25 miles per hour, even uphill.

Everpower Renewables (Portland, OR). This company develops wind power projects in Oregon and the northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S. It’s headquartered in New York.

FirstPoint Energy (Beaverton, OR). This company uses Web-based programs to help utilities collect and manage data on energy usage, including products that allow access to daily consumption data.

Green Lite Motors (Portland, OR). This company is developing a commuter vehicle which has the stability, safety, and comfort of a car, combined with the parking ease, express lane privileges, and fun of a motorcycle, according to this item from the Oregon Entrepreneurs’ Network blog. … Next Page »

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5 responses to “The Oregon Cleantech Cluster: The A-to-Z List of Alternative Energy Players”

  1. Russ says:

    Good to see we are finally seeeing more renewable energy solutions being implemented.

  2. This seems similar to an effort underway by Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to map green companies; they have about 18 states underway now, with more to come.