The Washington Cleantech Cluster: The A-to-Z List of Alternative Energy Players

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Targeted Growth (Seattle). This spinout from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center has developed technology based on cell division to improve yields of crops like camelina for biofuel. (It also has its eye on making more efficient small grain cereals, which could make it into your breakfast bowl, as I wrote in this Xconomy exclusive in September.)

UCONS (Kirkland). This company develops plans to conserve energy and water for big utilities as well as residential customers.

U.S. Ethanol (Vancouver,WA). This company said in September that the global credit crunch has slowed it down, although it was continuing to attempt to build an ethanol production site in Longview,WA.

V2Green (Seattle). This company makes software and other technologies to integrate plug-in vehicles with the electric grid. It was acquired by Arlington, VA-based Gridpoint in September for an undisclosed sum.

Verdiem (Seattle). This company led by IT entrepreneur Jeremy Jaech, the co-founder of Aldus and Visio (and an Xconomist), is developing software to monitor energy consumption of computers and turn them off when they’re not being used. Jaech will have more to say about it at the Xconomy Forum on March 26 in Seattle.

Vu1 (Seattle). This company, pronounced like View One, is led by former Russell Investments executive David Grieger. It aims to develop a new type of light bulb that has the energy efficiency of a fluorescent bulb without containing mercury that can contaminate landfills. In late 2007, it began investing in high-volume manufacturing capacity. (Editor’s Note: We added Vu1 to the list March 5.)

Washington Biodiesel (Seattle). This company, led by Joel Horn and Kevin Raymond, who were part of the now-defunct Seattle Monorail Project, aims to grow biodiesel feedstock in the town of Warden in Grant County.

Whole Energy (Bellingham, WA). This company is a biodiesel supplier with a distribution center in Anacortes, WA.

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