The Washington Cleantech Cluster: The A-to-Z List of Alternative Energy Players

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REC Silicon (Moses Lake, WA). This 400-acre site owned by Norway-based REC Group, is being transformed by a $1.2 billion investment that could enable it to become the world’s dominant polysilicon producer, ushering in more efficient solar power, according to this story by Bert Caldwell of The Spokesman-Review in Spokane.

Reklaim Technologies (Bellevue, WA). This company has technology to recover oil, carbon, and steel from discarded tires. The carbon can be used to produce printer inks, plastics and rubber products. The steel can be re-used in cans, cars and construction, the company says. Reklaim’s first site is located in Boardman, OR.

ReliOn (Spokane). This company says it is the world leader in developing and making adjustable, cartridge-based proton exchange membrane fuel cell technology.

Ridgeline Energy (Seattle). This company identifies, acquires, and develops wind energy projects.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (Pullman, WA). This company, with more than 1,300 employees, develops and makes products for monitoring and controlling electric power systems.

Solarcasters (Redmond). This company calls itself “the weathermen for the utility-scale solar power industry.” It says it can predict when and where clouds will appear, how thick they will be, and how much they will interfere with the production of electricity at solar power plants.

Soluxra (Seattle). This University of Washington spinout company, built on technology from materials science professor Alex Jen, is working to capture solar energy on thin polymer film rather than expensive silicon, as Rachel Tompa explained in this Xconomy scoop last month.

Sound Refining (Tacoma). This refiner now makes blends of biodiesel and ethanol.

Spokane County Biodiesel (Spokane Valley, WA). This company makes biodiesel from vegetable oil.

Spraycool (Liberty Lake, WA). This company supplies cooling technology to the military, as well as to companies that run data centers. … Next Page »

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