The Washington Cleantech Cluster: The A-to-Z List of Alternative Energy Players

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MountainLogic (Seattle and Portland, OR). This company has developed patent-pending technology to integrate lights, thermostats, and occupancy sensors for every room in a home. The sensors are made to anticipate each individual’s energy and comfort needs during all seasons of the year.

Neah Power Systems (Bothell, WA). This company is developing fuel cell technology to power portable electronic devices for the military, first responders, and other markets.

New Earth Renewable Energy (Seattle). This company aspires to develop inexpensive and reliable biomass fuels that can be burned with coal, or can replace coal altogether.

Northwest Energy Angels (Seattle). This angel investor network aims to support local energy entrepreneurs.

Optimum Energy (Seattle). This company develops networked software and systems to reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings.

Outback Power Systems (Arlington, WA). The company makes power conversion products that turn solar, wind, and hydro into mobile and backup power systems.

OVP Venture Partners (Kirkland). This venture fund invests in Northwest cleantech companies like EnerG2, among other areas.

Paccar (Bellevue, WA). The trucking giant has a goal of boosting fuel efficiency by 30 percent with hybrid power on medium-duty trucks.

Pacific Coast Canola (Seattle). This company says it is producing a 300-million-pound-per-year canola oil processing plant in Warden, WA.

Plas2Fuel (Kelso, WA). This company converts mixed-waste plastics that would go into landfills into synthetic crude oil and other petrochemical products.

Powerit Solutions (Seattle). This company allows business customers to control their energy usage online.

Principle Power (Seattle). This company is developing a method so that wind turbines can float on ocean waves in deeper coastal waters, as Greg described yesterday in this feature story.

Prometheus Energy (Mercer Island, WA). This company uses proprietary technology to take methane gas from cow manure and municipal landfills and turn it into natural gas for fuel.

Propel Biofuels (Sacramento, CA and Seattle). This company sells biodiesel and E85 ethanol blends, and uses IT to help customers keep track of how much they are reducing their carbon footprint.

Puget Energy (Bellevue, WA). The state’s largest utility is investing $100 million in a wind farm near Ellensburg, called Wild Horse, and is scouting new locations for wind farms in southeastern Washington, according to this story by former Seattle Times reporter Angel Gonzalez.

Ramgen Power Systems (Bellevue, WA). This company is attempting to develop carbon dioxide capture and storage systems based on compression principles learned from studying supersonic jet engines.
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