Procrastinating On Giving? A Last-Minute Guide to Seattle-Area Innovation Charities

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Lots of people put off giving to charity until the last couple days of the year when you can still get the tax deduction (including some of us here at Xconomy). We know this year has been rough, but for those of you who can still give, we put together a list of organizations that aim to strengthen the science and technology skills of young people in our region. It’s not a comprehensive list, so if you have any other suggestions, please post a comment below or send us a note at [email protected]

Technology Access Foundation (TAF)

TAF aims to help children of color get the skills they need to join the high-tech workforce. Co-founder Trish Millines Dziko, a former Microsoftie, started this in 1996 as an after-school program to train kids for internships. That success paved the way for TAF’s most ambitious effort yet, a new public school it runs in Federal Way called TAF Academy High School. As we wrote back in September, Millines has a vision of enrolling 4,100 kids in TAF programs across the state by 2016.

Northwest Association for Biomedical Research

—Established in 1988, the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research, based in Seattle, runs programs to improve K-12 science education. It has longstanding programs to help train teachers in biology, as well as help match up students with career scientists who serve as mentors.

Pacific Science Center

—This hotspot at the Seattle Center for lifelong science, math, and technology learning serves a million people a year, and has educational programs that reach all 39 counties in Washington state.

Science & Engineering Business Association

—This student organization at the University of Washington aims to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in science and engineering students. It organized the largest career fair at the UW in October, with more than 140 companies scouting the talent pool.

Technology in Education Trust

—This charity is affiliated with the Seattle-based Technology Alliance, and is set up to support the organization’s public policy research and education outreach work.

Center for Inquiry Science

—This is a Seattle-based program established by the Institute for Systems Biology to improve K-12 science education in Washington state.

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2 responses to “Procrastinating On Giving? A Last-Minute Guide to Seattle-Area Innovation Charities”

  1. Bernie says:

    There are many smaller charities that do great work by raising funds for related organisations including other charities, research and individuals.

    One such charity is Vision Charity that raises funds for blind, visually impaired and dyslexic children. If you donate to this charity you will be giving to an organisation run by hands on trustees who care passionately for the cause and who despite all the bad news right now are preparing a strategy for their most successful year to date.

    Contact me to find out how we work and discover the background to our beneficiaries.

    Many thanks

    Bernie Muir

  2. Please include the Future of Flight Foundation in the list of Seattle area Innovation charities. Located at Paine Field in Mukilteo/Everett, the Foundation’s mission is to inspire innovative thinking while engaging and educating visitors by: cultivating curiousity, stimulating imagination, encouraging creativity and experimentation, generating collaboration and exploring solutions. The Foundation is currently launching an innovative education program for middle school ages called Flights of Innovation. This program immerses students in real-life challenges where they assume roles of engineers,scientists, project managers, etc. and work in teams to create innovative solutions to real life problems. This program is much more than a field trip – it is several weeks in the classroom and includes one 5 hour visit to the FoF. It includes teacher training and curriculum which meet all state, regional and federal standards. The Foundation is in the process of launching it’s own website which will include more information about the Foundation, our education program and our exhibits. Check out the Fof website to learn about activities at the FOF facility. Contact me to learn more about the FoF Foundation and how you can beoome involved.
    Mary Brueggeman
    Development Director