Xconomy, Seattle Post-Intelligencer Form Partnership to Share Online News, Features

Xconomy’s growing audience in the Seattle area just got even bigger. Today, my colleague Greg Huang and I are thrilled to announce that our company has formed a partnership with one of the heavyweights of the Northwest news business, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Under this deal, the P-I readers will get access to Xconomy news and feature stories about local technology, alternative energy, and life sciences, selections of which will be posted every day on its website at its seattletechreport website. The P-I may run these stories in its print version as well, just as it might run a piece from the Associated Press or Bloomberg News. In return, we can run certain content from the P-I on our Xconomy Seattle and other Xconomy websites, bringing the P-I’s own great coverage to a wider audience across the country.

We see this mutual syndication deal as further validation of the high-quality journalism we’re doing, and our ability to build a fast-growing business audience in our first six months in Seattle. Our readership has been climbing rapidly, almost doubling across our network since June when we launched the Xconomy Seattle site. We now have more than 100,000 unique visitors a month who come regularly to our sites in Boston, Seattle, and San Diego. The P-I deal will only amplify this growth. Its main site, seattlepi.com, has some 4 million unique visitors a month, who generate more than 45 million page views.

“The P-I is happy to enter a content partnership that will strengthen seattletechreport.com by adding Xconomy’s respected content, and at the same time give our own award-winning tech coverage a wider online distribution,” said David McCumber, the P-I’s managing editor.

Xconomy co-founder and CEO Bob Buderi, who negotiated the P-I deal, said this is one example of creative partnerships that traditional media can form with startups to better serve readers and advertisers who are migrating to the Internet. “We are pleased to join with such a premier news organization as the P-I in a partnership that we expect will be of strong benefit to the Seattle innovation community and beyond,” Buderi said.

Greg and I have been really excited by the amount of support we’ve gotten from the community in Xconomy’s first six months here in Seattle, and we see this P-I partnership as another important sign of our growth. Thank you readers, for helping us build an exciting new kind of online news organization.

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3 responses to “Xconomy, Seattle Post-Intelligencer Form Partnership to Share Online News, Features”

  1. Richard says:

    This is excellent news. The best model for most news gathering organizations is to become the major source of local news. People will generally get national news online from NYT, etc.

    Xconomy provides some very focussed areas of local news with a sense of community not usually seen in other media. In my opinion, the PI has always been a more interesting paper than the Times. So I am happy for both parties.

  2. Patrick says:

    As someone who has the Seattle Xconomy page set as my default home webpage, I have always looked forward to the high-value interviews and local business and tech news.

    And while I appreciate that the PI affiliation may drive bigger traffic numbers and generate more value for your advertisers, I personally see this as a beginning of the end.

    I think the PI is a garbage paper, and I have no interest in reading their content on Xconomy. Maybe I am jumping the gun on this, but where is the value for the long time Xconomy reader? If I want PI content, I know where to look for it. There is no value added here, as I see it. Xconomy is interesting because it is unique and fairly small readership with a handful of contributors that don’t feel a need to speak in layman’s terms. Any drive to increase readership requires that some dumbing down will occur. Congrats on a great product, but I think this is a bad idea.