Layoffs and New Lives: Hubspan, CarDomain, and Jobster Join the Seattle Layoff Litany

Two weeks ago, Xconomy published our first iteration of what we call the Seattle Layoff Litany. It’s a document that tracks tech and life sciences job cuts in the Northwest. Here is a quick update about three local companies that have gone through layoffs since then (one is unconfirmed). I thought it was especially interesting that each company has spawned successful entrepreneurs who are active in new ventures that we’ve written about extensively in the past month or two.

1. Hubspan

This is unconfirmed, but Xconomy has learned from a source familiar with the company that Seattle-based Hubspan, a maker of business-to-business integration software, laid off 11 employees (roughly 20 percent of the staff) across sales, marketing, and services and development, on November 14. E-mails sent to company representatives were not returned, and one person with apparent knowledge of the situation would not comment. My point here is not to muckrake, but rather to keep up with the facts.

Hubspan co-founder and former CEO Rick Luebbe now leads the Seattle energy-storage startup EnerG2, which we profiled last week.

2. CarDomain

Seattle startup CarDomain, a social-networking site for auto enthusiasts, cut 16 jobs (about half its staff) on November 18. “Although we are growing overall traffic and member engagement year-on-year, the economy and the automotive industry have taken a significant turn for the worse, leading to very pessimistic industry projections of advertising budgets and a protracted recovery period,” said CEO Rajan Krishnamurty, in a statement to TechFlash.

CarDomain was founded in 1998 by Alex Algard, who went on to become CEO of, and more recently a limited partner in Founder’s Co-op, the Seattle-based peer-to-peer seed stage fund that we profiled last month.

3. Jobster

The Seattle-based office-networking firm Jobster cut some 15 positions (38 percent of its staff) on November 13, as reported by TechFlash. Founded in 2004, Jobster is backed by the likes of Ignition Partners, and once had about 150 employees. It is now down to about 25.

Former Jobster employees Dave Lefkow and Justin Esch, who left in 2007, have since made their name with a new startup called Bacon Salt, which they’ve been promoting using social media, to great effect.

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2 responses to “Layoffs and New Lives: Hubspan, CarDomain, and Jobster Join the Seattle Layoff Litany”

  1. thoughtful says:

    “Will the last one out of Seattle please please put all machines in hibernate then switch off the surge supressor at the wall socket. For linux machines just disable all cron jobs…except for annual backups….since we may need the occasional DNS lookup and DHCP request for job search sites…”

  2. Keith Tyler says:

    I was looking up my old employer and their market sector and found this — a story mentioning my layoff! fancy that.