Amazon Buys Reflexive Entertainment, Looks to Distribute Casual Games

It looks like Amazon is getting more serious about gaming. As we reported in July, the Seattle Internet retail giant backs Atomic Moguls, a Seattle-based social-network gaming firm. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is also an investor in Palo Alto, CA-based Social Gaming Network. But now, earlier this week, Reflexive Entertainment, a developer and distributor of casual games based in Lake Forest, CA, announced it has been acquired by Amazon. Terms of the deal have not been released yet.

Reflexive was founded in 1997 and makes casual and online games for PCs and Macs, as well as Xbox 360. At this point, it seems like Amazon wanted the deal to get more heavily into digital distribution of computer games. “It means we’ll be able to expand our distribution network to include Amazon’s amazing distribution channel. With Amazon we will bring a huge new group of customers into play,” said Reflexive CEO and co-founder Lars Brubaker, in a blog post. “We are unbelievably excited to continue working to enhance the online casual gaming experience, for both gamers and game developers…we are thrilled to be joining the Amazon family.”

The big question, of course, is what Amazon’s overarching strategy will be in the gaming space. Is it just looking for an additional source of revenue, or is it reinventing itself as a broader media and entertainment company? Will you be able to play social and casual games on your Kindle? Stay tuned for more info as we get it…

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