WTIA’s Technology In Focus Series: Cashing in on Web Services

While display advertising has been the preferred revenue engine for web services, even destinations with millions of users like MySpace and Facebook have had difficulty achieving profitability with this approach. At the same time, advertising is not always welcomed by users of business-related applications. What are the emerging, successful revenue models that eschew display ads?

Join the experts assembled by WTIA as they unlock the trends and innovations in monetizing web services. In addition to display advertising there are subscriptions, micropayments, ‘freemium,’ referrals, sponsors, customer profiles, licensing, donations, ‘pay-by-popularity,’ and the classic ‘get-funded-and-figure-it-out-later’ model – everything is on the table as we explore who will pay for it all. The panelists include Matt Hulett, Chairman and CEO of WidgetBucks, Spencer Rascoff, CFO and VP of Marketing for Zillow.com, and Tony Wright, Co-founder and CEO of RescueTime.

Cost in advance is $50 for WTIA members, or $300 for a table of eight. Cost in advance for non-members is $70, or $500 for a table of eight. To register online, click here.