GalleryPlayer Down, But Is It Out?

Last spring, Wade wrote about Seattle-based GalleryPlayer’s software, which allows users to display high-resolution photos and artwork on HDTVs. Now GalleryPlayer has apparently “ceased operations” as of July 30, as reported by the Seattle P-I, citing a message on the company’s website. GalleryPlayer was founded in 2003 by former Amazon exec Scott Lipsky.

But Lipsky’s website now says the company “was sold in August, 2008. Buyer data confidential—transaction pending.” So watch this space…

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4 responses to “GalleryPlayer Down, But Is It Out?”

  1. i would just like to have access to the $100 worth of pictures that i paid for all in 1 year. this makes me feel like a fool. not to mentioned scammed?

  2. hendrik says:

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  3. Joe says:

    How do I extract the GalleryPlayer images from a backup?

    I have the GalleryPlayer files (.GPI extension) which seem to have the images in an encrypted/compressed format, but I am not sure how to get the images out.

  4. Joe,
    As far as I understand, you can only play them through the GP software which isn’t supported or available any more, so if you lose the software or it stops working you’re out of luck. If I learn more, I’ll let you know.