NWEN Pub Night

Pub Night, a members-only event for Northwest Entrepreneur Network members, is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to get together and share ideas, build networks and have a great time at a well-known Northwest brew-pub. Pub Night will allow five NWEN members to be in the limelight for three minutes each to talk about what they do and what they are looking for as entrepreneurs. Two restrictions apply at all times: no talk about raising money and no suit coats or ties.

While Pub Night is a members-only event, if you are a member and would like to bring a guest who might consider membership, please call (425) 564-5701 and we will be happy to register them.

For Entrepreneurs Only: If you are interested in becoming one of the entrepreneurs who is highlighted at the forthcoming Pub Night, please contact Shannon Swift to go through the screening process. Go ahead, take a chance!

Pre-registration: $20, closes at at 12:00 noon the Tuesday prior to Pub Night. Information here.